Foundations of RTO Compliance

Foundations of RTO Compliance

The Foundation of RTO Compliance course is the ideal way for new entrants to the VET sector to learn the basics of RTO Operations and Compliance.

This non-accredited bespoke course has been specifically developed by Alex Schroder, Australia’s leading VET Forensic Auditor, RTO Rectification Specialist and creator of CIV in RTO Compliance and Diploma of RTO Compliance Management and is 100% contextualised to RTO Operations and Compliance.

After completing the first two non-accredited Foundations modules in the course, you will complete a third non-accredited unit, Demystifying the RTO Standards. This unit is part of AICP’s ground-breaking new course The RTO Standards Unpacked!

In Demystifying the RTO Standards we unpack the Standards to a practical level where the meanings and interpretations of each Standards/Clause are explained for everyday use.

You will also learn how a large number of Clauses within the Standards for RTOs correlate with one another.  This unit provides a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between the various clauses in the Standards for RTOs and is essential knowledge for all VET Practitioners.

Why is RTO Compliance so important?

With the VET sector being as highly regulated as it is, your RTO’s compliance with the NVR Act, the Standards for RTOs and the various other laws and regulations is critical.  ASQA’s focus on Provider Self-Assurance means that your RTO must be able to demonstrate practices, systems and processes to critically examine its performance and student outcomes on an ongoing basis.

As a VET Compliance Practitioner, there are several skills, abilities and knowledge areas that are essential for you to be 100% effective in your RTO Compliance role, including:

  • a thorough, in-depth understanding of the correct interpretation of the Standards for RTOs

  • a thorough, in-depth understanding of to effectively implement the Standards for RTOs in your RTO’s compliance system

  • the skills and knowledge to rectify non-compliances that have been identified during internal compliance reviews

Who is this course for?

The Foundations of RTO Compliance course is the ideal way for new entrants to the VET sector to learn the basics of RTO Operations and Compliance.

Learning modules in this course

The Foundations of RTO compliance includes the following non-accredited units:

  1. Foundations of RTO Operations 
  2. Foundations of RTO Compliance
  3. Demystifying the Standards 
Course outcomes

At the end of Demystifying the RTO Standards, you will have the skills and knowledge to:

  • understand the full meaning of the clauses in the Standards for RTOs
  • understand how the various clauses in the Standards for RTOs are interlinked
  • determine how each clause within the  Standards for RTOs is interpreted for ongoing compliance
  • identify the compliance requirements of each clause in the Standards for RTOs
Delivery and resources

The course is delivered online over a 6-month period and includes:

  • Custom written learning resources developed and 100% contextualised to the RTO environment
  • Additional Resource Libraries
  • Ongoing support
  • Online/Distance learning
Course duration and assessment

This course is completed within 3 months, and your knowledge of the course content will be confirmed by the completion of True/False quiz questions.

Entry requirements

​There are no entry requirements to this course.

Course Cost

$1,880 for self-funded learners with easy payment options available.

Please contact AICP if your RTO wants to enrol more than 3 staff in this course.