for The Foundation  of RTO Compliance course is the ideal way for new entrants to the VET sector to learn the basics of RTO Operations and Compliance. This bespoke course has been specifically developed by Alex Schroder, Australia’s leading VET Forensic Auditor, RTO Rectification Specialist and creator of *CIV in RTO Compliance and *Diploma of RTO Compliance Management and is 100% contextualised to RTO Operations and Compliance.

Delivered over 6 months, the Foundations of RTO Compliance takes course participants through the ins and outs of the VET sector, the National VET training system and the AQF. It explains how the VET sector is made up, who the main stakeholders are and how outcomes are arrived at. Participants are also introduced to the different administrative functions in an RTO, the development and delivery of Training Packages, Qualifications, Skill Sets and the various other elements relevant to RTO operations.

After completing the first two non-accredited Foundations modules in the course, course participants complete a third non-accredited unit, Demystifying the RTO Standards.  This unit is part of AICP’s ground-breaking new course The RTO Standards Unpacked!  course.

In Demystifying the RTO Standards we unpack the Standards to a practical level where the meanings and interpretations of each Standard/Clause are explained for everyday use.  You will also learn how a large number of Clauses within the Standards for RTOs correlate with one another. This unit provides a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between the various clauses in the Standards for RTOs and is essential knowledge for all VET Practitioners.

At the end of Demystifying the RTO Standards, you will have the skills and knowledge to:

  • understand the full meaning of the clauses in the Standards for RTOs
  • understand how the various clauses in the Standards for RTOs are interlinked
  • determine how each clause within the  Standards for RTOs is interpreted for ongoing compliance
  • identify the compliance requirements of each clause in the Standards for RTOs


Foundations of RTO Compliance units:


  1. Foundations of RTO Operations 
  2. Foundations of RTO Compliance
  3. Demystifying the Standards 

Upon the successful completion of this non-accredited course, participants will be awarded with a Statement of Completion.


Delivery, Duration and Course Cost 

Each course is delivered online over a 6-month period as follows:

  • Custom written learning resources developed and 100% contextualised to the RTO environment 
  • Additional Resource Libraries 
  • Ongoing support and mentoring
  • Online/Distance learning

 Course Cost: $1,880

Please note that completing either of the Foundation courses does not guarantee participants a job in an RTO or any other organisation. 

Course entry requirements

 Entrants to either course must have:

  • a high level of English language, literacy and numeracy levels, sufficient to interpret complex documents and prepare written reports
  • a high level of technology skills, sufficient to use computer programs, telecommunications and online learning systems
  • the time, motivation and discipline to undertake independent online learning 
  • access to a computer (with Adobe Reader, Microsoft Word® and a web browser installed), a scanner and relevant IT hardware to complete an online course; and 
  • access to the internet