What is the 2023 VET Compliance Conference

Focusing on Compliance

There is no question that compliant operations are paramount to all RTO’s continued registration.

After an incredibly successful conference in Melbourne pre-COVID, VET practitioners have asked repeatedly for another conference that will provide them with the necessary information that they need to ensure the delivery of cost-effective and compliant quality training.

The 2023 VET Compliance Conference will present you with answers to the most pressing questions in 2023:

  • What are ASQA’s current auditing practices?

  • How do we deliver compliant online learning in our highly regulated sector?

  • How do we ensure ongoing compliance of our business operations?

  • How can our RTO best prepare for an ASQA audit?

  • What happens if our RTO has failed audit?

  • What are our options if our RTO has received a notice of sanction or cancellation?

  • What do we need to do to be a quality provider?

  • How can we develop a good, user-friendly online learning system?

  • What impact do the new TAE qualifications have for RTOs and for trainers and assessors?

  • How can we ensure that our RTO compliance and admin staff have sufficient VET knowledge?

  • How do we conduct effective and compliant validations?

At the 2023 VET Compliance Conference you will have an opportunity to have all of these questions answered, and to engage with ASQA, leaders within the VET sector, specialist education lawyers and VET providers.

Our workshops and keynote speakers will provide you with business solutions, skills, knowledge and tools to manage your RTO’s compliance and quality operations.
will provide you with skills, knowledge, tools and solutions to manage your RTO while meeting quality and compliance requirements.

Come and join us, and interact with the following VET specialists:

Alex Schroder

CEO of VETPrep Australia, Forensic Auditor and AAT specialist, member of the inaugural ASQA Stakeholder Liaison Group, and member of the ITECA Queensland State Committee

Angela McGregor

Principle Consultant at RTO Consulting

ASQA Regulatory

ASQA Regulatory and Compliance team members

Craig Jones

CEO of The Australian Institute of Compliance Professionals

Dowlene Burdett

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Kerri Buttery

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Paul Pellier

CEO of Vetnexus and E-learning extraordinaire

Peter Doukas

Specialist Education Solicitor